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By Dr. Bill Thompson

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Between every intellect and an understanding of materiality there is a zone of possible meaning. This is the common experience of the human condition. We can call what appears in the zone of meaning - phenomena. These are the closest we ever get to materiality. We either make sense of phenomena or we fail. When we make sense of phenomena we can share our ability to make phenomena in similar ways because we are similar beings.

In particular and uniquely on the earth we make linguistic phenomena in a highly diverse and developed manner. This we know. Unfortunately many intellects make their propositional linguistic phenomena and impose them on other intellects.

In the UK we executed a despot in order to get at a democratic process in which the only voices governing us were human voices. We are still struggling with propositional linguistic phenomena in that regard and I hope 'Play' will help us with our struggle.

If you like democracy buy the book.

The author is now doing his fourth book, Voices and Smile! the new philosophy are also available.

.The author is now doing his fourth book, Play and Smile! the new philosophy are also available.

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Paperback: £4.99

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