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Ashes on Fallen Snow

By Annie Ireson

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After being evicted from their home, fifteen year-old Lydia and her younger brother find themselves abandoned in a strange town just two days before Christmas. Left in the care of a family they had never known and stranded in the harsh winter of 1963, their future hangs in the balance.

After qualifying as a nurse, Lydia marries doctor, Martin Fraser, but the catastrophic events of her wedding day have far-reaching consequences both for Lydia and her daughter, Naomi.

Sixteen years later, Lydia's mother returns, anxious to mend the rift with her grown-up children. Can she achieve the reconciliation she craves without her children finding out her dark secret? Will Lydia ever forgive her mother for deserting her?

Ashes on Fallen Snow is the final book in the Jeffson family trilogy. Additional material, in the form of an epilogue, offers an insight into the events that triggered the writing of the trilogy, which is based on a true story.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784564513

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Paperback: £11.99

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