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By Tony Gareth Smith

Backstage Cover Image

The summer season theatre scene in Great Yarmouth and Brokencliff on

Sea continues in this fourth novel by Tony Gareth Smith. Meet the stars

that made the seaside come alive in the summer and the landladies that

provided accommodation.

The year is 1972

• A galvanised bucket was found at the scene of the crime – just who

   did survive the Golden Sands _fire?

• Will the landladies of GAGGA be persuaded to use wholesaler

   “Murdell and Pocock”?

• Cupid has been busy firing arrows, but just who was in the firing


• Meet interior designer Sandie Cross as she does her best to dress up

  the outdated décor of The Beach Croft Hotel

• Can the Sparrows Nest, Lowestoft be sure of a star line up for their

   summer season?

• Freda finds another perfume that should carry a health warning!

• Will the plays at The Little Playhouse help resurrect repertory at

   Brokencliff on Sea?

• Lady Samantha of Owlerton Hall plans some much needed

   restoration work on the crumbling building, with or without the

   support of Sir Harold

• Lilly Brockett plays a dangerous game

• Reverend George makes a life changing decision

All of this and more can be found within the pages of “Backstage”, a trip

back in time to gentler times when mobile meant being able to walk


Also by the same author: Twice Nightly, To Catch a Falling Star and

Curtains. All available on line from The Great British Bookshop

(, Amazon, Waterstones and all

good on-line book retailers.

Visit Tony’s website:

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564520

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Paperback: £9.99

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