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The Holy Clone: Has Christ Returned?

By R. A. Duggan

The Holy Clone: Has Christ Returned? Cover Image

THE HOLY CLONE examines the claims of the Bible from the perspective of modern scientific progress. The outcome is a radically new interpretation of this old and familiar material. In recent decades, the profound broadening of our technological horizons has been accompanied by new academic and archaeological developments in biblical research.

When these factors are put together, and related to events in recent history, it is proposed that a seemingly incredible and challenging view of the Bible begins to emerge. An awesome picture starts to form that promises to place traditional beliefs in a very new light. The advent of new technologies such as human cloning and time travel – and their potential implications – are investigated in relation to this updated biblical scenario.

This book is addressed to a general readership, and it offers an unprecedented and astounding new insight into enduring enigma of the Bible. When seen from our present viewpoint, biblical information strongly suggests that the prophesied return of Jesus Christ, and the retribution of the ‘Last Judgment’, is already taking place in our own time; and that it is now possible that he is alive on earth today – in his actual flesh. The Bible states that Christ’s initial return will be covert, and protected by the highest secrecy. This book also proposes that the traditional idea of the Holy Spirit may represent the effects of a created program that materialised with the Big Bang. These extraordinary and startling ideas are powerfully supported by new scientific, historical and biblical evidence.

The book is illustrated by the author.

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