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By Garry Curtis

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 “Garry Curtis is a solider, whom some might say is of misfortune, rather that the opposite. Yet, he is a man, who has lived not one but several lives in an existence of remarkable colour and variance. His story is frank and heartfelt, expressed in a street language that he knows intimately. From his earliest childhood memories to the career direction that shaped his livelihood, he expresses his emotions with intensity and sparkling wit. He has been in the front-line. He has worked behind the scenes. However, Garry is never the less that forthright and unafraid of pertinent invective. This superbly well-expressed work is both dramatic and tragic. It deals with with life and death in equal measure and displays and energy that will fill you with laughter and hope.”

Gary supports mental health charities such as Rock2Recovery a charity set up to support men, women and families of the armed forces.  Also the London Air Ambulance as they flew Garry to Hospital when he tried to commit suicide.  Proceeds from "incoming" will go towards helping these charities help people all over the U.K.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564742

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Paperback: £12.99

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