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King Arthure Speaks Through The Looking Glass

By Dominic White Eagle Star

King Arthure Speaks Through The Looking Glass Cover Image

For the First Time in history, the very noble, courageous & charismatic leadership of the mystical & legendary 6th Century Anglo-Romano KING ARTHURE of Wessex, Avalon & Angleland is revealed to a Spiritual Medium in Glastonbury, to be published in Two Books, Part I & Part II of HIS fascinating channelled Autobiography. 

In Part 1 here, HE reveals a previously unknown window into HIS Life as the Merlin of HIS Day, lived in Bronze Age Britain, in Tintagara (Tintagel), a town HE founded on the North Coast of Dummonia (Cornwall): to prepare the way for the Coming of LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH, know as 'The NAZARENE' with HIS Great-Uncle, St JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN to this Sacred Isle. Known then as ARA The GOOD, HE describes how HE built the First Nazarean Essene Monastery & Cathedral in this Ancient Land & started the Spiritual Training of some of HIS later to be Knights of the Round Table as the First Celtic Saints. To quote ARA,

"The ESSENE were BORN here in these ISLES"

ARA gives a vivid description of what happened when HE received the Miraculous 'HOLY GRAIL' of great renowned & describes who was present with HIM at that Time in Avalon; what IT looked like; who made IT; what ITS structure is made up of: the Divine Purpose for IT being gifted to this Planet: & where IT is buried.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564780

Hardback ISBN: 9781784564797

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