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ICON - The Great Tennis Warrior

By Toby Foxcroft

ICON - The Great Tennis Warrior Cover Image

This is a fictional story about a young boy named Icon, a respected old-timer named Sir Jack, and a wise old wizard called Halvyn.

Icon has the dream to become a world tennis champion. Sir Jack is about to become his teacher. Wizard Halvyn magically guides them!

Many children have dreams about imaginary adventures alongside their heroes.  The only difference with Icon is that he begins to live his dream.

The theme of the story is values.  Much of the action and adventure in this book correlates directly to everyday lessons in life.  Icon's adventures are both personable and exciting.  They lead to plenty of action and surprises that will encourage all young people to truly believe they can achieve their goals.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564827

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Paperback: £6.99

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