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Not Quite A Stranger

By Shane White

Not Quite A Stranger Cover Image

Families – you can’t live with them,

                                                  you can’t live without them.

Rory Mullan hasn’t seen his brother Declan in ten years.

He hasn’t spoken to him in four. Which suits Rory just fine. Kind of. Well, most of the time anyway. After all, he has enough on his plate: a marriage in tatters, two grown up semi-estranged children and a rather dubious relationship with alcohol. So Declan’s announcement that he is coming to visit Rory’s London bachelor apartment fills him with misgivings. Deep misgivings. Which Declan will turn up? Declan the charmer? Declan the loveable if somewhat irresponsible rogue? Or Declan the right royal pain in the arse?

What does the visit mean? A final shot at redemption? A reminder of dark days of Ireland’s troubles? A chance to make sense of a broken past?

Not Quite A Stranger explores with refreshing candour the pain and evasions that can

lie at the heart of family and the disturbing working out of grief.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564858

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Paperback: £9.99

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