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God must be Crazy

By Arthur S Dunkley

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Is the evolutionary achievement of a dominant intelligence the inevitable precursor to species self destruction?

Is this why we are the only member of the genus Homo left on Earth?

Is this why, despite our efforts, we have not contacted alien intelligence?

This is a book of essay meditations about humankind - a 'Naked Ape' who is still in the process of evolving but is also now having to deal with the problems which arise out of his very recently acquired intelligence. This seems dangerously difficult for him.  The world now has developed a very real and immensely complicated and dangerous technological envirnonment which is rapidly replacing his old, natural environment - with, very possibly, disastrous consequences.

Human psychology has not kept up with his technology and humankind is having great difficulty in adjusting safely to a now frightening achievement of global domination.  Human willingness to revert to the behavioral ideals of nationalism, racism and, in particular, religion, leave this now globally dominant species fragmented by aggressive tribal attitudes, dicing with the destruction of not only humanity itself, but a great deal of life on planet Earth.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564810

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Paperback: £6.50

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