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Creative Mindpower

By Frank Lea

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A self-help guide to easily, quickly and safely overcome many emotional, psychological and physical conditions such as anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, lack of confidence or self-esteem, timidity, remove unwanted habits, overcome trauma and abuse, relationship problems, sports performance, anything that may be reducing the quality of life or preventing you form attaining your full potential and goals. There are also simple techniques to heal bodily disorders such as arthritis, IBS, PMT, aches and pains, tinnitus, hay fever and much, much more - all with just the incredible power of your mind and no drugs or unpleasant side effects.  The techniques in this book are tried, tested and proven by many hundreds of people including many celebrities.

This book will enable you to change and improve your life, your health, wealth and happiness in any way you desire. With the information in this book you could even become a professional therapist.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565220

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Paperback: £7.95

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