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And Don't Forget The Roses

By P. J. Paterson

And Don't Forget The Roses Cover Image

'You Haunt me like a beautiful jewel, hung in ghastly night' - William Shakespeare

Sam had kept his final promise to his late wife Annie, but sitting on the steps outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, he can hear a woman shouting behind him; their meeting will alter the direction of their lives forwver.  But was their meeting by accident? Or had fate, or a force beyond their control, drawn them together?

Both bear scars from their past: Sam's due to a betrayal of love and trust - caustic memories that eat away at his soul; Penny's because of guilt from early childhood, loney and friendless - blame which won't allow her to believe in herself.

When their friendship takes on a momentum of its own, Sam becomes drawn into her life as an actress - and the lives of her two meddling, eccentric aunties.  But behind the scenes, simmering revenge and betrayal is being acted out .... a plot that could not only destroy Penny's career and sanity, but Sam's reputation as a man who, come hell or high water, never ever turns his back on friends.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564995

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Paperback: £8.99

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