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Grace Under Pressure

By Peter Quince

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"When I see light and dark, on off, on off, something weird happens inside me... Something changes, slows down. I can think again. I can find myself hidden in there somewhere..."

Grace Sanderson's abusive childhood leaves her seeking a 'better brain' and wishing she could be 'reincarnated'. She is wasting away physically and mentally and living a partly hermitic existence in her room, trying to resist self-harming and avoiding her family.  Her friend Jasmine dies of an overdose and the future seems dark.  But Briony, a school friend in whom she trusts, introduces Grace to Nature's Way, a healing centre deep in local woodland.  From that day on, Grace's life assumes a new meaning.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565152

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Paperback: £5.99

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