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The Collected Poems of Glenda Palmer-Vibert

By Glenda Palmer-Vibert

The Collected Poems of Glenda Palmer-Vibert Cover Image

Sadly, my dear wife, Glenda, passed away on 6th February, 2014.

I have lovingly collected all her peotry together, including some poems not previously published or in draft form.  It is therefore a complete collection of her poetic work and I hope it will stand as a tribute to her.

Glenda had a very creative and analytical mind, together with a wry sense of humour, much appreciated by those who knew her and enjoyed her lively company.  In her poems, she often strays from the expected line to challenge the reader to reflect on unusual and striking visual images. In several of her poems she explores the slow deterioration that she was experiencing in her daily battle with Parkinson's Disease, at times in a humorous way, but never shying away from the cruelty of this life-changing condition.

Shortly after her retirement, she was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, which gave her the impetus to publish her work, initiallty to raise money for Parkenson's UK and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. 'Oops' was published in 2008 and was followed by 'Funny Peculiar Funny Ha-Ha' (2011) and 'Bits and Pieces' (published posthumously in 2016).

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