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Addicted to Boats

By Nigel Handscombe

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During our 40 years on the rivers Thames, Medway, Great Ouse, Orwell, plus the South and East coast, we had such a great time and met many wonderful people.  The camaraderie among boaters is second to none, the wildlife is fantastic.

Our main worries, and only in recent years, have been about the severe lack of river maintenance.  The deterioration in some areas is beyond belief, lack of maintenance that will, over time, make some rivers un-navigable.

I do hope that by reading this book will encourage more people to take up boating and those who do boat, pay their licence fees and bring pressure on the relevant authorities to maintain all our wonderful waterways.

There is a saying - use it or lose it, perfectly apt for our rivers.

Happy Boating.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784564759

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Paperback: £28.50

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