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Arthur: Legend, Logic & Evidence

By Adrian C Grant

Arthur: Legend, Logic & Evidence Cover Image

At last we can know who 'king' Arthur was, when he lived and what he did.  This is the first work on the legendary hero started without any axe to grind.

Here it is demonstrated that Arthur was a Coeling - a prince directly descended from Old King Cole - selected as a very young age by the kings of the 'Hen Ogled' (The Old north, which had been a magor subdivision of Roman Britannia) to be 'Pendragon' (Army Commander in Chief) of the alliance of forces tasked to put an end to raids into their lands by Picts and Scots once and for all.

The sites of the 12 famous battles are identified, Arthur's pedigree is specified and the circumstances of his death examined.  Such well know elements of Arthurian legend as 'Excalibur', Camelot, Karduel and the 'Isle of Avalon' are all identified, explained and put in context.  This book then goes on to suggest where the boundary between history and legend lies, identifying the relationship between the two and showing how the legend developed in the first place.

Finally Arthur's legacy is assessed. 

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565015

Hardback ISBN: 9781784565473

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