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The Deadly Oak

By Doreen McEwan-Burrows

A tree and its impact on the inhabitants of a nearby cottage and manor house over the last century or so is the theme of this compelling tale. We enter a world where humans and spirits mingle with sometimes surprising results.

The setting is the remote but beautiful wilds of the Yorkshire moors.  You will come to understand the harshness of the winters and the tragedy the cottage and manor house has seen through the years; the pain and anguish of the residents is firmly lodged in the walls of these buildings.  What sights they have seen, what memories they hold, what a fertile breeding ground for the host of spirits and souls that burst from the pages of this surprising and original story.

We discover a host of beings, and have the opportunity to enter the lives of a multitude of compelling characters as we journey from a time when living was usually simple and unsophisticated into the end of the last century where the focus of all our lives changed dramatically.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565107

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Paperback: £8.99

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