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The Sheriff's Chauffeur - City of London

By Bob Luckhurst

The Sheriff's Chauffeur - City of London  Cover Image

Have you ever thought about the City of London, St Paul's Cathedral, Mansion House or the Central Criminal Court? Did you ever wonder what the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs get up to during their twelve month term of office? The first Lord Mayor of the City of London was Henry Fitzailwyn who held the position for 22 years from 1189 to 1211, but of course the most famous and well known was Dick Whittington who actually became Lord Mayor of the square mile four times.

We're told the legendary Dick Whittington who came to London penniless and accompanied by a black cat, whereas the truth is, he was the son of a very wealthy man named Sir William Whittington who came from Pauntley in Gloucestershire.  However, this story is how the chauffeur saw things, the colourful rituals and history-making events during a Sheriff's term of office, 1958-59.  It's also about the close working relationship between a Sheriff and his chauffeur, and their occasional differneces of opinion.  The Sheriff's Chauffeur is a unique and fascinating story written in plain English.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565008

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Paperback: £8.95

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