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Robert The Wayward Prince Book 1 - The Making of an Empire

By Austin Heron

Robert The Wayward Prince Book 1 - The Making of an Empire Cover Image

The Battle of Hastings is won and William the Conqueror now rules England.

But the victory brings only fresh challenges for the Norman - with Scottish and Welsh nobles to keep in order as well as potential Saxon rebels to stay on top of.  And there are dangers lucking everywhere in Europe for any monarch in these turbulent medieval times.

It is too much for one man - and William needs the help of his princely sons.  None more so than Robert, Duke of Normandy.

But forever at odds with his cantankerous father, Robert ploughs his own furrows most of the time without regard to the Conqueror's wishes.  Queen Matilda watches patiently as Robert lives his own life and supports her rebellious son without the knowledge of her husband.

Robert: The Wayward Prince is the story of the Conqueror's eldest son, living within the family from hell, where greed and treachery go hand in hand with love and loyalty. a very modern tale from the 11th century plucked straight from the pages of history and brought to life in a very exciting way.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565404

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Paperback: £11.50

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