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Ryan's Journy: Book Three: 'Adulthood'

By John Barnes

Ryan's Journy: Book Three: 'Adulthood' Cover Image

Nadina’s frequent letters abruptly stop. A shocked Ryan discovers his fiancée has been expelled from Somerville college and is a patient in a mental hospital. The college principal claims involvement with a female student. Nadina is in denial, claiming that her breakdown was due to overwork. However, Ryan remains


Ryan sets to work repairing their future home: a tumbledown cottage purchased by his employers, Estate Agents, Joe and Steve Pollard. He proves himself an able, hard working, and successful Negotiator and is promoted to manager of the new branch office on the ‘Lairs Estate.’ where plans for a new housing estate are passed. Now married, Nadina’s fervent objections at the wanton destruction of the local beauty spot causes a deep rift in their relationship and Ryan drifts into an affair.

Slowly recovering, Nadina suffers a miscarriage. Deeply depressed she opens up to a compassionate Father Nick at last revealing her true feelings towards O’Donnell. Ashamed of his compliance in the cover-up, Nick resigns as parish priest of ‘Holy Innocents.’

With Joe retired, ruthless, ambitious Steve schemes to build on another beauty spot. His plans are rejected by the public and the firm suffer a severe setback. Encouraged by Nadia, Ryan sets up his on his own Agency and very soon enjoys considerable success.

Now happily reconciled to Nadina and with five children Ryan receives news that his father is close to death in a Belfast hospital, seriously wounded in the 1972 Civil Rights marches. Ryan rushes to his side. Strangely, a dying Fergus refuses the Last Rites from the Chaplain and Ryan is quick to realise why: the Chaplain is none other than Father O’Donnell!!! A furious Ryan exacts revenge.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784565428

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Paperback: £14.99

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