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Future of Humanity

By Allan S Ratcliffe

Future of Humanity Cover Image

An educational guide to understanding humanity and promoting happier and more meaningful lives in a fairer world, now and in the future.


I imagine the front cover picture represents how our present and future minds may be bombarded with chemical, audio-visual, transcranial and otherwise implanted messages, purportedly aimed at life enhancement but maybe for sinister control of thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and emotions.


This book is a compilation of all of the up-to-date science that I think we all should try to understand to be prepared for all the challenges of future human life. I use the word ‘science’ in the broadest sense, incorporating not just the physical sciences, but also sociology, economics, politics, psychology, neurology and the nature of consciousness. Moreover, although it may seem contradictory, I view the arts and other pleasurable human activities and religion from a scientific perspective.


From all of the research I have done, I believe I have found the best way forward for humanity in terms of education for personal and communal happiness and wellbeing. This involves a new secular moral zeitgeist and resilience in times of trouble through an awe-inspiring grasp of reality which most of us should be able to achieve, whilst fundamental and divisive religions become increasingly irrelevant.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784563721

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Paperback: £15.99

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