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Always in the Thick of it: A Chronology of the 46 Division

By David Wallace

Always in the Thick of it: A Chronology of the 46 Division Cover Image

Always in the thick of it.


 After Germanys unprovoked attack on Poland on the 1st. of September 1939. Great  Britain and France 

declared war on Germany, on the 3rd. September 1939. 

Great Britain's need was for as many volunteers as possible to fight the threat to the civilised World.

Jesse Frank Wallace (known as Frank) 4th.of 6 son's and 2 daughters. Frank, like many millions who stepped up 

to the plate in their country's hour of need. Frank enlisted at the earliest opportunity joining the Welsh Guards. 

After basic training with The Welsh Guards, Guardsman  Frank Wallace, was posted to the B.E.F in Northern 

France and Belguim.Jesse Frank Wallace, like many others it was not long before he recieved his baptism of  

fire.  For the next 28 days the B.E.F. fought a heroic campaign against the Germans, which ended in the Worlds 

largest mass evacuation from Dunkirk. 

Because of the leadership qualities with the B.E.F in France and Belguim,  Frank Wallace had shown on return 

to England, Frank was immediately promoted to the rank of N.C.O, and was to serve with the 46 Division for the 

next 8 years, where he was to see action from England, to North Africa, Tunisia, Italy, Salerno, Egypt, Irac, 

Lebanon, Palestine, Greece, and Austria. 

Frank Wallace was promoted first to the rank of 2nd. Lieutenant, and then to Lieutenant, through the ranks finally 

as Captain. Frank Wallace was awarded the Military Cross, (immediate ) and Mentioned in Dispatches in many 

heroic actions, until 1948 when he chose to to transfer from the Army to the R.A.F.R. from 1948. to 1958.

June 2nd. June 1948. J.F.Wallace. M.C. Mid. Commissioned, Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force. ( 59948).

Service with the R.A.F.R. from 1948-1958. November 1948 - September 1948.  Flight Commander J.F.Wallace, 

No 56 (Rifle) Squadron, Germany.

Attached 10 months  for the Berlin Airlift. Staff Duties at Adv. H.Q. No 46 Group R.A.F. Germany. September 

1949 - May 1951.  J.F.Wallace, M.C. Mid. Flight Commander, No 1 Armoured Car Squadron, Germany.

R.A.F.R. Passed Promotion as Squadron Leader. October 1953 - September 1954 Squadron Commander. 

Royal Air Force Levies.

September 10th. - April 1957. Squadron Commander. J.F.Wallace. M.C.Mid. No 1 Squadron, Aden Protectorate.

Levies. Activities included several against Yemen Regular Army, and tribsmen along the frontier and numerous 

smaller actions against dissident tribesmen in the West Aden Protectorate. Also quelling of a tribal revolt, the 

siting of and construction of operation airstrips, the opening up of trade routes closed by hostile tribesmen, and 

Aid to the Civil Power in Aden Colony. Commended by His Excellency the Governor of Aden.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565695

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Paperback: £29.99

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