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The Y2K Diary Of Cleo Howard

By Sarah Tipper

The Y2K Diary Of Cleo Howard Cover Image

Wasn’t it Lemmy from Motörhead who said “The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there”?* The fourth and final volume of Cleo Howard’s teenage diaries sees our red haired heroine through the year 2000 in which she takes her A Level exams and has to decide whether to go to uni or not (and in the year 2000, a university education is still free for those smart enough to pass their A Levels).Tony Blair is Prime Minister, Britpop and Cool Britannia are on the wane, the Spice Girls have split up but are still ubiquitous individually, Britney Spears V Christina Aguilera is the big musical debate, the Millennium Dome and Millennium Bridge open and Giant Rolos are invented. What a time to be alive!Cleo moans about the musical taste of her class mates, she sees Slipknot (twice!), Kittie and Motörhead. She goes to Glastonbury and sees Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Bloodhound Gang and Methods Of Mayhem. At Reading Festival she sees Rage Against The Machine and watches Daphne and Celeste get bottled offstage. She considers asking for a job at Joe Bananas’ blanket shop. Cleo muses on what’s weird in life. She writes about the differences between the middle class and working class often through the prism of what they have for dinner at Jenni’s. She supports best mate Ian’s band WhyY2K. She writes some very bad teenage poetry, goes to Blockbuster video shop and Woolworths. She eats many a Spira and Cadburys Marble. If you like music, nostalgia and peeking at other people’s diaries then this book is for you. 

*No, it was L.P. Hartley in The Go-between, but Cleo Howard doesn’t know this. 

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565893

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Paperback: £9.99

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