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Farewell to Bad Times

By Zsolt Stanik

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As a nuclear engineer, Zsolt Staník lived for decades in the

fascinating world of atoms, nuclear reactions and reactors and was

continually surrounded by the language of the trade. One day, it

dawned on him that there was also another world — the everyday life

of people — that was inspiring and often amusing. His stories and

books spring from this revelation and deal with absurd situations and

common human challenges. Many of his stories are now available in

English at and an electronic version of this book

is available at A true Czechoslovak, fluent in both

the Czech and Slovak languages, Zsolt Staník absorbed both cultures

in his formative years. He was born and spent his early youth in

Košice, Slovakia, and later studied nuclear physics and engineering

in Prague, Czech Republic. His work often took him to Vienna,

Austria, where the International Atomic Energy Agency is located

and where — between 1993 and retirement in 2006 — he held the

position of information manager. At present, he lives in Alhaurin de

la Torre, Spain. He has two children, Danny and Lucie, three

grandchildren, Anetka, David and Natálka and two greatgrandchildren,

Mat?j and Marek.

To learn more about Zsolt Staník, please visit his website at and

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565824

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