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One Last Kill

By Desmond McGrath

One Last Kill Cover Image

Jack Reec’s hurting. Wounded three times by his old

enemy, psychopathic killer David Walker, he’s got his life

back – just – with the help of two fun-loving señoritas. But

when Jack starts diving for Brinks Mat gold bars in Málaga

Lakes, and is befriended by beautiful rock sensation,

Caviar, his Andalusian farm attracts attention from all the

wrong quarters, including David Walker. The psycho has

made a fresh kill, and is now branded ‘the Rabbit Man’ and

‘the Costa Killer’.

And then Caviar goes missing…

With the action swinging from southern Spain to the Black

Sea coast of Turkey, the intimacies of kidnapping and

revenge are fully explored. It’s the Stockholm syndrome,

and it’s often sexual, sometimes humorous and frequently

violent. Desmond McGrath’s insight into the minds of

killer captive and pursuer is breathtaking, and in an epic

showdown worthy of a Clint Eastwood Western, we see

how an armed man who’s frightened of nothing can harbour

a secret terror – of the beast inside himself.

Hardback ISBN: 9781784565756

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Hardback: £13.99