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Private Execution

By Desmond McGrath

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A plane carrying gold ingots crashes into the sea. A boat with its illegal

cargo of drugs founders on the rocks. _ese two events shape the future

of our tough modern-day hero, Jack Harry Reec, whose skills as a diver

and willingness to take risks bring him big pro_ts

_e action takes him from Jersey, his native island, to Spain where he

lives life to the _ll, enjoying good food, excellent wine, and the

beautiful scenery with his new girlfriend and his long-time male friend.

But the relaxed and self-indulgent lifestyle does not last long. Along the

dangerous road he has followed, he has enemies of violent, brutal men

with horrifying and bloody results.

An ex-Falklands veteran. Jack is already haunted by death. Now he is

ruthless in his pursuit of vengeance for the latest tragedies. We follow

his quest to ‘rid his soul of anger’. Carefully and patiently, he plots a

terrible revenge on his enemy. But the _nal stage of his plan may be

jeopardised. Will there be a Private Execution?

_is at time, shocking action drama is a genuinely exciting story, full of

surprises and tension right until the end.

Desmond McGrath was born in Jersey and is __y-six. He has dived the

oceans of the world for twenty-_ve years. He rited at forty-nine and _lls his

time writing songs and plays for television.

Some say he has lived life in the fast lane, having spent some time in Spain

and America, where in California there is a warrant out for his arrest. He

denies the charges! He is happily married to wife, Barbara, and has one

daughter, Angela and three grandchildren, Kimberly, Tara and ‘Jack

Harry Reec’. At present he is writing the second Reec book, _e Executioner.

Hardback ISBN: 9781784565763

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Hardback: £9.99