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The Executioner

By Desmond McGrath

The Executioner Cover Image

The Executioner’s face is always well hidden – isn’t it? When Liam ‘the Slaughterman’ Dooley, ex-IRA hitman, descends on Jack Reec’s Andalusian farm to avenge five gangsters Jack has disposed of, he doesn’t bother to hide his face or his intentions. But when guests are kidnapped and Jack’s stunning girlfriend Barbara goes off on a blind date and never comes back, sympathies change and Jack is joined by the Irish brigade and his Spanish friends in a manhunt for a savage killer.

David Walker is the quarry. Smooth, fit, handsome. A man with a mission – bedding beautiful women. And a man with a beast in his head, shouting a deadly message.

The hunt for a psychopath takes Jack and his friends through the hills of southern Spain and across the straits to the Rif in Morocco. Stunning settings, dramatic showdowns on land and sea, and a duel to the death in North Africa highland an action-packed, page-turning thriller. Keep reading!

Since writing Private Execution, Desmond McGrath has concentrated on his song writing, having penned songs for Daniel O’Donnell, Sparker Band and Voodoo Children, the next American sensation. He then turned his hand back to thriller writing and wrote The Executioner. He is now working on the third book in the series, set in Miami and the Florida Keys.

Hardback ISBN: 9781784565749

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Hardback: £9.99