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By Yorick Blumenfeld

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Yorick Blumenfeld has been writing his whole life. He has travelled and reported from more than ninety countries as a foreign correspondent. Over the past few decades he has been examining the future, both as the General Editor of the series Prospects for Tomorrow (Thames & Hudson)

as in books like Scanning the Future and 2099: A Eutopia , as well as on his blogs (2013-17). Yorick stopped writing about politics with the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House, which he viewed as the desecration of the US Presidency. Nausea, he says, is one of those topics he simply has had no desire to cover. He says that since January 20, 2017 the world has entered the Age of Disillusionment. Rational,well thought out programs and policies are no longer sought out goals . Today Yorick’s Blogs consequently may exude something of an nostalgic aura. For those of us who no longer feel we understand what is happening around us, FORWARD not only offers alternative propositions for the future but in many ways takes us back to more comprehensible and desirable  rojections.

FORWARD ! aims to :

Uplift your spirits

Optimize the prospects for tomorrow

Upgrade your economics

Overcome your fears of advancing technologies

Understand the pace of our scientific breakthroughs

Help you to face the prospects of global change

The narrow selection of these blogs was based on their immediate relevance. Yorick is proud that one of his two talented sons has in many ways continued media communications with his PodshipEarth, which is focused on our threatened environment. Cleaning up our planet is a

priority which also is evident in FORWARD along with fundamental reforms of our economy, education and, yes, even our minds.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565930

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Paperback: £9.99

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