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Poems for Friends

By Ruth Ingram

Poems for Friends Cover Image

Ruth Ingram was a psychiatric Social Worker and subsequently a

lecturer in mental health and group dynamics at Southampton

University and subsequently the University of the South Bank. She

did a part-time course in screen printing, textiles and embroidery,

and for many years exhibited textiles in various small galleries

together with colleagues, and subsequently in her own home in

support of Greenpeace and Oxfam.

Concurrently she attended the Poetry School London for several

years . Her translations from German poetry have been published by

Modern Poetry in Translation, the Fenland Reed, Kites, and Hearing


She organizes a translation workshop in her own home (translating

from French and German) on a bi-monthly basis which has been

running for 15 years. There is no fee, but prospective members are

asked too submit 3 or 4 poems in their translation from either French

or German. The group has produced two anthologies: ‘Over the

Water’ and ‘Across Frontiers’ both available from the Poetry Library

at the South Bank London.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565787

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Paperback: £6.99

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