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The Kimchaek Conspiracy

By Michael Patrick Collins

The Kimchaek Conspiracy Cover Image

A huge oil storage facility to the north of London is destroyed by a mysterious fire.

Seven old tramp steamers appear in the isolated port of Kimchaek on the east coast of North Korea, purpose unknown.

ln Beirut a deep cover Mossad agent stumbles upon a fragment of information that might threaten the entire western world, if only the authorities could figure out the true meaning.

A luxury yacht is hijacked in the Caribbean and the owners brutally murdered.

While the intelligence agencies of the West grapple with a problem they do not understand three airmen and their small band of fellow travellers set out to solve that problem in their own inimitable way.

Spanning the world the high octane ‘Kimchaek Conspiracy ‘travels at the speed of light round the globe.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566081

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Paperback: £12.99

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