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Roads of Retrebution

By J A Banham

Roads of Retrebution Cover Image

So you’re a long distance trucker and you give a very attractive hitchhicker a lift. Be warned for if she tells you her name is Sally be afraid, be very afraid. What Sally had planned would have him screaming for mercy. That was the part she enjoyed the most, before cutting the victims throat that is.

Sally’s hands searched for and finally found his jeans zipper. Sliding it downwards her hand darted forward into the mass of pubic hair. The driver muttered, ‘bloody hell, I think I’m coming’

The driver began to scream uncontrollable as he lost control of his bowels. Then with a splutter excrement began to ooze down the inside inside of his legs.

With seven mutilated bodies of heavy built truck drivers discovered in eight days and all the evidence pointing to the killer being a young female DCI Kean was baffled. How could a young woman overpower her victims with apparent ease. But most of all WHY?

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565954

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Paperback: £9.99

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