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The Pheasant

By Glenda Palmer-Vibert

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Sadly, my dear wife Glenda, died on the 6th of February, 2014.

Glenda was born In Llanelli, west Wales on the 14th of September.

1939. A happy early childhood was largely unaffected by the war,

but at the age of eleven she contracted tuberculosis and spent

virtually all of her secondary school years in hospital. At least this

gave her the opportunity to read voraciously and widely and she

later completed her formal education, ultimately achieving a first

class honours degree in English Literature from The University

of Wales. Cardiff. Glenda went on to enjoy a successful teaching

career in Penarth and served as a magistrate in Barry, South


Shortly after her retirement Glenda was diagnosed as suffering

from Parkinson’s Disease, but just as tuberculosis provided

her with the opportunity to read, so Parkinson’s gave her the

impetus to write and publish her work, initially to raise funds for

Parkinson’s UK and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Glenda continued to write poetry until the week before she died.

She had no desire to ever profit from her work, but I should be

grateful if you, the reader, would like to make a donation in her

memory to one of the following organisations, to aid them in

their research.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566067

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