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An Unspoken Pact

By Sue Evans

An Unspoken Pact Cover Image

This story is set around a three card Tarot spread reading, The Past, Present & Future and is based upon the traditional interpretations of the ‘Rider waite’ tarot deck

Prologue - The Past

Story – The Present

Epilogue – The future

..........Seven people, seemingly strangers, all receive an unusual invite from a famous and mysterious French psychic known as Sorcier, to attend an occult evening at a location deep within the Parisian Catacombs.

They soon learn that far from being strangers they all share a past life experience involving love, betrayal and murder.

An individual tarot spread is created for each of them and one by one, with the turn of the cards, the

perpetrators of the past crime are exposed and long awaited karmic justice is finally served, with deadly consequences.......

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566104

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Paperback: £4.99

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