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In Defence of the Realm

By Peter Foot

In Defence of the Realm Cover Image

In Defence of the Realm the matter of returning

Jihadist fighters to this country has created a political

storm. Despite the majority of these men, and some

women, having valid British passports, their return could

spell danger. It was in these difficult circumstances that

MI5, and 6 worked together to bring these people to

court before they could cause damage.

In this story we follow the adventures of several

of these agents as they carry out their task, frequently

travelling abroad in what are still war zones to interview

these suspects who are detained there. In wartime, life

has little value, and only by bringing peace, and stability

to these afflicted countries will it regain its true worth.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566029

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Paperback: £9.99

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