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Hampton - The Early Years

By Tom Denniford

Hampton - The Early Years Cover Image

This book charts the early days of Hampton, the fourth of Peterborough’s

new townships,1 from the time when, as the ‘Brickpits’, much of it was an

area of complete desolation only considered suitable for landfilling, until it

emerged as the largest development of its kind since Welwyn Garden City, in

the 1930s.

Along the way it will explain the challenges, many of them unique to this

unusual site, which were faced by the very small team of pioneers tasked

with creating a viable project in the most unpromising circumstances. By

2018 more than 5,000 homes have been erected at Hampton and more than

12,500 people now live there. How it came about that a company, which had

no history of property development, should become involved in creating such

a project with all its complexities is a matter of continuing interest especially

at a time of national housing shortage. It does seem that, if we are to have

any success in addressing our housing needs, we should learn the lessons of

putting together a project on this scale and, hopefully, this book will help in

this direction.

The foundations that were laid at Hampton have now been built upon by

others. Hampton continues to grow, to an extent beyond the outer limit of the

original intention. Its success shows what can be achieved.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784565992

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Paperback: £24.66

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