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My Journey in Music

By John Osborne

My Journey in Music Cover Image

With a series of ‘music in care’ books aimed at supporting adults

through a range of life’s situations using music, John Osborne has

collaborated with a new young author to bring fresh perspective

on how the power of music can affect a young person’s life.

Coping with moving to a new school can be a difficult and

challenging time for any young person but it can be even more

problematic if you are on the autistic spectrum.

This book tells the story of Luke Fiddes a remarkable young man

and talented musician. It explains how Luke became aware of his

different and special status and how he learnt to manage this. It

also contains a self help manual for all young people which is

designed to help deal with the struggles of adolescence using

personalised music. This heartwarming, funny and frank account

of Luke's journey gives a remarkable insight into some of the

challenges but also the surprising benefits of living with Asperger


“I love my autism because I love music.”

Luke Fiddes

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566326

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Paperback: £8.99

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