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Death on the Edge

By Douglas Binstead

Death on the Edge Cover Image

When the body of a young woman, wearing climbing shoes but

no helmet, is found at the foot of a cliff in the Derbyshire

gritstone edges, the emergency services are quick to treat her

death as an accident, the result of a fall from a height onto a bed

of rocks and boulders. The police have bigger fish to fry anyway

– a violent and dangerous offender has escaped from his prison

escort on the way to court and is at large on the Derbyshire

moors, starting a massive manhunt involving scores of officers.

That might have been the end of the story as far as the dead

woman was concerned: just another victim of a hazardous

activity. Her husband identifies the body as his wife. He prepares

for the funeral. Her family and work colleagues grieve.

A climbing accident was how Detective Sergeant Woodman first

saw the incident as well. But further information leads him to

question his initial view and he begins to suspect ‘foul play’. A

murder investigation is launched.

The investigation is far from straightforward. It is hindered by

mistakes and misfortune. There is incompetence, interference by

a maverick officer, and even the inclement winter weather works

against the proper conduct of the enquiry. And those

investigating are still reeling from the events of one of the most

notorious and savage series of murders in English criminal


Hardback ISBN: 9781784566319

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Hardback: £13.99