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Arran and other Islands of the Clyde Archipelago

By David C & S. Alison Kilpatrick

Arran and other Islands of the Clyde Archipelago Cover Image

This guide gives an overview of the non-industrial Clyde, an area of outstanding natural beauty and exceptional wildlife. Nine islands are found in this archipelago, of which Arran, Bute and Great Cumbrae are readily accessible to the public. Here a historical background is followed by a brief description of the present-day villages.

The most interesting fauna and flora are described in some detail, as are archaeological sites and numerous other places of interest. Finally, a variety of walks, both short and lengthy are outlined.

Potential tourists, including hillwalkers, cyclists, birdwatchers and all those interested in Scottish natural history will find a wealth of information to plan and enjoy a visit to these fascinating islands. 

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566265

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Paperback: £10.00

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