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Struck by Lightning

By John Dann

Struck by Lightning Cover Image

This is a sailor’s first-hand

account of experiences on board

one of the newest fleet destroyers

launched during the Second

World War.

From her commissioning in 1941

to her loss some 654 days later in

1943 she fought in the thick of it.

She had sailed a distance

equivalent of more than five

times around the world.

Serving on eight seas and with all

the aircraft carriers then in the


Many of the sailors were young –

most in their twenties, tasked

with protecting merchant ships, in

Mediterranean convoys, fighting

off countless air and submarine

attacks, supporting the

Madagascar and North African

landings. Lightning also rescued

over 1,000 sailors, airmen,

soldiers, nurses, a dog and cat

from the sea.

The story was developed from an

account written by Eric Gilroy

based on his father’s and

shipmates reminisces at the time

of the fiftieth anniversary of her


Since both our father’s served on

Lightning, we collaborated

allowing the introduction of new

research and material from family

archives for this fully revised

hardback edition

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566494

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Paperback: £12.99

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