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David Gillanders - I do all the talking!

By Jack Davidson

David Gillanders - I do all the talking! Cover Image

This book is about my lifetime of adventure and inside I explain how I overcame a hand disability from birth to become a British and Scottish Rally Champion, but my story is not just about motor sport: I have also worked for a top Hollywood film producer and shared breakfast with one of the world’s top female film stars. I have also interacted with two US presidents, and met many other wonderful people.

My book also delves into the realms of working with top world rally constructor as well as major motor manufacturer. The many and varied characters I have met during my lifetime has also made my life so much more colourful, and you can meet many of these characters within the pages of this book.

Yes, I have met all of life’s challenges to date.


Paperback ISBN: 9781784566418

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Paperback: £15.00

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