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traveller's health problems

By Iain McIntosh

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The number of people setting off on a global travel for business or pleasure continues to increase. The majority journey and return in good health, but some succumb to the hazards to well-being encountered on journeys abroad.


This book is a practical set of guidance notes for travel health professionals, family doctors practice nurses and pharmacists involved in consultations with potential world travellers. The content is based on a series of educational webinars hosted by the British Global and Travel Health Association and articles from the BGTHA journal. The platform provides a concise, practical guide for those working in the discipline of travel related medicine. Explicit guide notes provide a definitive resource, which will aid all those working in the travel health field and help to ensure that, business people and vacationers can avoid health hazards associated with global excursions and return home fit and well.



Paperback ISBN: 9781784566456

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Paperback: £8.90

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