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Dino Days

By Phillip Brigstock

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Dino Days reveals the realities of classic car ownership and it focuses on an icon of the classic car world, the Ferrari Dino.

Dino Days tells the exploits of Phill Brigstock and those of his family over the past 50 years, having owned around 200 Classic Cars between them. Watch out for James Bond, a Lamborghini Miura related to the Italian Job film and an exploding Lotus.

Dino Days also tells the story of Enzo Ferraris true love, his first born son, Dino and the beautiful and iconic cars that carry that name.

This book is aimed at the casual reader who has cast an envious and enquiring glance when a classic car passes by.

Dino Days brings the reality of Classic car ownership to life, culminating in a road trip to Maranello in Italy, the home of Ferrari, whilst meeting several Dino owners along the way.

Phill is also a member of the Sporting Bears - a driving charity which has raised over £2.3 million for Childrens causes, by giving the public ''Dream Rides” in interesting cars at events across the UK in exchange for a small donation and all profi ts from Dino Days will be donated to the Sporting bears.

Dino Days has a wealth of over 300 photos going back to the 1970’s and ends with a look at what the future may hold for the world of classic cars.

 See Dino Days videos – go to You Tube, then type Dino Days Ferrari”.


Hardback ISBN: 9781784566500

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Hardback: £30.00