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The Weymouths of Salcombe Haven

By Virginia Lown

The Weymouths of Salcombe Haven Cover Image

Having grown up with stories of her ancient lineage in Salcombe, writer and journalist  Virginia Murch began researching her family tree. The stories and characters she discovered

inspired “Song of Salcombe” which told the story of the vital part her father’s forebears

played in securing the safety of the town during D-Day in World War II.

Now in a triumphant sequel she has turned her attention to her mother’s family. “The

Weymouths of Salcombe Haven” follows one branch of this family in the 18th century, as seen through the eyes of her ancestor Elizabeth Weymouth.

Bound into the tapestry of Salcombe Haven for over 1,000 years, the Weymouth family were related to two American presidents, and included in their number the adventurer, George Weymouth, one of Queen Elizabeth’s beloved Devon Sea Dogs, who sailed in search of the fabled North West Passage, established a colony in the New World and was sent as emissary to the Emperor of Cathay; Joshua and Patience, Quakers, who risked torture

and death for their faith; Alex Weymouth, who at 15 stood with the Cavaliers during the siege of Fort Charles in England’s Civil War; Thomas Weymouth, granted Letters of Marque

for legalised piracy who narrowly avoided the rope; Captain Richard Weymouth, translator of the Holy Bible for the British Navy … and 16-year-old Elizabeth, who, after the death of her mother dedicated her life to bringing up her twelve brothers to make their mark in the world.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566647

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Paperback: £12.99

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