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A Whisper of Witches

By Anna Fernyhough

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It is the tail end of the 1600s in rural Northamptonshire. For two centuries the whole of England has been under the grip of a great fear – witchcraft. After a spate of trials and executions in East Anglia under Matthew Hopkins, the superstitions are finally fading. Fewer people are being accused, but in the provincial town of Oundle, Elinor Shaw and Mary Phillips are two young women who find themselves victims of persecution. Rumours abound that they are practitioners of the dark arts. Their lives, loves and lore are all thrown into turmoil as their paths lead to trials, both literal and figurative.

This story is based on the times of the last witches tried in the country for their craft.

The witchcraft Act was repealed in 1735 – too late for many.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566487

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Paperback: £10.99

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