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Beerfroth and the Ice Cream Bears

By John Dann

Beerfroth and the Ice Cream Bears Cover Image

This is a story about two young girls’ who have just moved to a

seaside town. They experience a magical adventure with their dog Flossie, during a particularly dull wet English summer. Returning from a shopping trip they stumble upon a small antique shop in the older part of town. Curiosity leads them to enter and discover the owner is a wizard called Beerfroth. He is enchanted by the children and they make him laugh, so he gives them a small box as a gift. They return

home to discover it has a secret drawer containing a ring with magical properties.

With the ring the children are able to visit Rasnaucty Island, a safe haven for threatened animals, hidden in another dimension governed by the Laird, Archie McBear. But there’s trouble on the island and

Beerfroth needs their help. The mine at Cold Mountain has collapsed and the ice cream bears have gone on strike. Can the two girls help

repair the mine and restore peace and harmony to the troubled island?

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566692

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Paperback: £7.99

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