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By Tim Wilkinson

Boxwallah Cover Image

How well do you know your parents?

The author's mother and father were married in 1941 and almost immediately his father was posted to the North-West Frontier of India with the Royal Engineers, not to return until 1945. During that time husband and wife wrote an almost daily correspondence, a fascinating collection of letters which demands to be read. As the months pass the strain of separation begins to take its toll, particularly on Stanley, isolated in an intriguing but alien land. Years later (he and his brother never having had access to these exchanges) Tim decides to read these letters to his parents as ill health begins to dog their old age, but by doing this he unwittingly revives the tempests of the past. But this book isn't simply a private family saga: in his narrative Tim Wilkinson investigates whether any of us really know our parents. This book has a universal appeal because it's a journey of discovery we all might benefit from, a search for one's parents shaped by their past.

Hardback ISBN: 9781784566548

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Hardback: £15.00