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The Church of St Mary Magadalene Stilton - A Visitors guide

By Stilton PCC

The Church of St Mary Magadalene Stilton - A Visitors guide Cover Image

Welcome to the Church of St Mary Magdalene

Our church and this book tell of the lives of ordinary people throughout the

centuries, living, working and worshipping together. Its history reflects the unique significance of Stilton as both an agricultural settlement on the edge of the Fens and a staging point on the Great North Road. Through here have passed travellers of all descriptions, from Roman legions to Civil War armies and Napoleonic prisoners of war. So for a small church in a small parish, St Mary’s retains memories of a surprising number of interesting people, the times in which they lived and their ‘footprints in the sand of time’ that they left behind. Come and explore for yourself. Talk to some of today’s parishioners and discover why St Mary Magdalene continues to be a thriving and dynamic church at the heart of village life.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566852

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Paperback: £5.00

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