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Insurgent Warrior

By Paul E Mason

Insurgent Warrior Cover Image

Part V – following the events in and around Cape Town, Fleet Lieutenant Kat Severn is tired of being the target of numerous assassins. Hopefully her latest posting to the Abganz federation’s Embassy in Emirates City might allow her to get some well-deserved rest and recuperation, but her official duties also include attending numerous social functions, where she quickly discovers that this city actually isn’t the luxury destination than many perceive it to be.

Once again finds herself in the weapon sights of multiple unknown enemies, who all want her dead. Faceless local factions, often just the hardworking disenfranchised, but also higher-level international entities, are working covertly to elicit open rebellion and take control of the city, one of these external players, taking full advantage of the impending chaos, is about to unleash a very personal vendetta.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784566616

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Paperback: £11.99

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