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By Bill Thompson

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Smile, lift up your Voices. Life is your Play. Wander around on the stage of Life and Learn. LEARN is the fifth book by the secular philosopher bill thompson after SMILE, VOICES, PLAY, WANDER, and now LEARN. The book is for those who have had enough of Homo Sapiens and are turning to Homo Conatus who is always waiting in the wings of the greek theatres of words. Homo Conatus, wanting to exist and enhance the SELF. Individuals needing a progressive politics, a shared EARTH in order to flourish safely. This requires DEPTH, an existential that and how. A basic understanding of biology and cosmology on top of any old sapient understandings of space and time machines. This new understanding that Homo Conatus requires turns Freudianism upside down and microcosmic. Hysteria is normal. Boring is normal. In between is Play. This new deal for the children of the 21st Century has been researched by the Greeks [Aristotle], Romans [Cicero], Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Leibniz, and Newton [not as a mechanics but] as the complexity that surpasses the understandings of the older Homo Sapiens because of quantum electrodynamics or chemistry for short. Quantum Dynamic Homeostasis. So Darwin and then secular universities around the world for our teleonomic developments, new technologies. Any chances of “maintaining a civil order whilst opening up to diverse opinions” has to change gear from sapiens to Conatus and embrace the teleonomics of the modern synthesis [1958]. Not a lot of people know enough about this yet, and Learn is the fifth “introduction to Homo Conatus” by the secular philosopher bill thompson [who is still trying to work out what it is like to be human]. And is that not what you do on a daily basis?

Paperback ISBN: 9781784567507

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Paperback: £9.99

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