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Smell of Lavender

By Kirk Foster

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This is a fictitious story set against the factual events that took place during the summer of 1851, when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert stopped for eight minutes at Hitchin Railway Station, on their way to Balmoral. I have used some character names of people that were living in Hitchin at the time and I have also included their occupations. But the storyline is fictitious. It is a story of grief and the answers people can conceive unconsciously, when struggling with the devastating loss of someone they love.  It is not just a book of darkness, for the world Sarah lives in is full of humour, friendship, historical curiosity, passion and romance. It is a fast moving, informative, vibrant story of coming to terms with death and facing reality.  Something that will challenge all of us at some point in our lives.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784567538

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Paperback: £14.99

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