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Laurence Bounds - My Life in Letters

By James Warren and Mark Ryland Bridges

Laurence Bounds - My Life in Letters Cover Image

For years, Laurence Bounds has been pestering some of the most patient customer service departments from coffee companies to television studios and shaving companies to travel agents, with his maddening of letters.

From HMV to AEG, the Met Office to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - everyone is a target. Discover years of hilarious letters sent from the Etruria Lodge estate by the eccentric but highly-educated, Laurence Bounds (B.A, B.Sc).

So who is Laurence Bounds, we hear you ask? A part-time gamekeeper, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science, inventor of the WaspZapper 838™, producer of the famous Bombardier Potato, founder of The Mobile Judge Programme, dog food pioneer, betting tycoon, playwright supremo, wine magnate, children's life-size Henry VIII doll designer, poet, astrologer, published author and aspiring television producer, to name but a few.

Upon buying this educational book, you may learn some of Laurence’s tips and become a serial entrepreneur just like him. Discover how to complain the Bounds way, how to communicate effectively with some of the world's biggest companies, and how to deal with organisations when they are not keen on your ideas.

Join him on a side-splitting journey, guaranteed to have you in stitches, as you meet his friends, relatives, and his beloved thoroughbred black Labrador, Alexander IX.

This is Laurence Bounds, his life in his own words…

Paperback ISBN: 9781784567248

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Paperback: £15.00

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